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SolidWorks 2009 Bible [ Free Download]

Matt Lombard: SolidWorks 2009 Bible

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Editorial Reviews From the Back Cover Revise and reinvent 3D prototypes as much as you wish Whether you're designing parts or assemblies, SolidWorks is what you need to tranform virtual 3D models into production design data. And whether you're new to this powerful CAD software or want to take your current skills to new levels, you'll find all the in-depth coverage you need in this comprehensive guide. Packed with step-by-step tutorials, timesaving techniques, and real-world examples, this book helps you accomplish tasks, avoid pitfalls, and start using SolidWorks 2009 like a pro. Customize your user interface and use visualization tools Create sketches, parts, assemblies, and drawings Build intelligence into parts with smart components Explore patterns, equations, and configurations Learn multibody, surface, and master model techniques Work with mold tools, plastic and sheet metal parts, and weldments Create animations with SolidWorks Motion The CD includes all the parts, assemblies, drawings, and examples you need to follow the tutorials in each chapter. You'll also find finished models, and templates. About the Author Matt Lombard is an independent SolidWorks consultant. Because of his popularity with SolidWorks user groups and through his SolidWorks Web site and online forums, he has built a reputation as a go-to resource for everything SolidWorks. He serves on the SolidWorks User Group Network Committee.


4,5 / 5


  • Publisher: Wiley; SPO release 9-10-2008 edition (February 3, 2009)
  • February 3, 2009 047025825X 978-0470258255 SPO release 9-10-2008
  • ISBN-10: 047025825X
  • Language: English

  • File size: 3,5MB

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