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Into the Free: A Novel pdf download

Julie Cantrell: Into the Free: A Novel

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Editorial Reviews Review “A young girl growing into adolescence confronts family abuse and a dark past in this lyrical debut novel. Millie Reynolds and her mother live in a ramshackle cabin in Depression-era Mississippi, occasionally receiving unwelcome visits from the violent family patriarch, Jack. With her only friend, Sloth, dead and gone, Millie struggles to find any happiness with a “nothing mama” and a ruthless father. Only the passing caravans of gypsies offer her any semblance of belonging. But when unlucky events engulf her, she discovers some surprising secrets that eventually help her hope in God’s love. Cantrell’s exquisitely written story immerses readers in a world that is as cruel as it is beautiful. From the opening lines to the very last sentence, the book’s magnetic prose bewitches and enthralls on every page. A visceral and gripping journey of a young woman’s revelations about God and self, this novel will surely excite any reader who appreciates a compelling story about personal struggle and spiritual resilience.”   - Publisher’s Weekly     “Cantrell’s words paint vivid pictures that bring Millie’s harrowing story to life. Riveting you to your chair, this story is a reminder that sometimes faith — real faith– is slowly built during the darkest moments of your life.” - RT Reviews   “Julie Cantrell beautifully renders a vivid past, but her subjects are immediate and eternal—family secrets, love’s many losses, revenge and revelation, and finally redemption. Her characters may buck and brawl and bray against the notion of God in their lives, but there’s no denying He continues to send them into each other’s path, and Cantrell masterfully introduces them to one another in her wonderfully woven narrative. This book is full of insightful detail and wondrous turns, with an ending that moves in all directions through time like God’s grace.” - Mark Richard, author of House of Prayer No. 2 "A beautiful and literary coming-of-age romance that is as close to perfect as I've seen in quite some time." Serena Chase, USA TODAY --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. About the Author A speech language pathologist and literacy advocate, New York Times best-selling author Julie Cantrell was most recently the editor-in-chief of the Southern Literary Review . She has served as a freelance writer for 10 years and published two children’s books. Julie and her family live in Mississippi where they operate Valley House Farm.

A simple girl with anything but a simple story. In Depression-era Mississippi, Millie Reynolds longs to escape the madness that marks her world. With an abusive father and a “nothing mama,” she struggles to find a place where she really belongs. For answers, Millie turns to the gypsies who caravan through town each spring. The travelers lead Millie to a key that unlocks generations of shocking family secrets. When tragedy strikes, the mysterious contents of the box give Millie the tools she needs to break her family’s long-standing cycle of madness and abuse. Through it all, Millie experiences the thrill of first love while fighting to trust the God she believes has abandoned her. With the power of forgiveness, can Millie finally make her way into the free?


4,5 / 5


  • Audio CD
  • Publisher: Oasis Audio; Unabridged edition (October 1, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 1613753039

  • File size: 3,5MB

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